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Listening Station

The Listening Station - A New Approach to Capturing Stories

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Easy to use

The Listening Station in use - setting up for an interview with one individual on camera, both individuals on microphone, is simple. We've reduced the technology to a minimum, to create the most comfortable, least intrusive set-up for capturing stories.


The Listening Station

The Listening Station combines the functionality of a video camera, microphones, and laptop computer into one simple set-up, with an easy to use app to guide users through the storytelling recording process.


Listening Station Kit

The Listening Station kit includes these components: iPad, iPad Armiture/Case and Stand, Clip-on LED Light, Dual Clip-on Lavalier Microphones, and Backdrop (not in photo). Also included are the Listening Station app, cloud storage, and support.


StoryCenter has developed a unique iPad-based recording station and app that will revolutionize the process of low-cost audio and video recordings of oral histories, conversations, and interviews. For the last three years, we have helped educators, libraries, churches, community groups, and individuals in developing projects using the Listening Station kit, and we have just launched a major new upgrade, Listening Station II.  Order yours now and join the effort!


The station is designed as a public kiosk for people to share stories with a listener, hold a conversation, or be part of an interview. The station includes prompts, sample stories for ideas, and audio or video recording. What makes the app unique is that it automates the upload and delivery of files to participating organizations and the participants. With our new upgrade, we have made the entire app customizable, with ways to design your own registration, release forms, themes, theme movies, and prompts. We have also successfully integrated an automated transcription service (first 3 hours free) and soon will allow you to forward to the online video editor, WeVideo, to excerpt your interview files and turn them into digital stories – making it a state-of-the-art tool for documentary projects.

StoryCenter will act as the archive and storage for all participant projects, while project partners will retain all publication and use rights associated with their organization or project activities. StoryCenter will not make use of any recordings without pre-arranged written consent of the Network member organizations.


With the support of a consortium of academic, library, humanities, museum, and other community-based organizations, we have created network of Listening Station users that act as cooperative project to inform current and future enhancements as well as share model projects and processes with each other.   Our hope is to coordinate national and international projects on shared themes, from the stories of immigrants, to women's rights advocates, veterans, those affected by violence and human rights abuses, or any range of topics. The collections would allow for researchers, documentary makers, organizers, and advocates to have access to testimonies and narratives on these themes.


We are offering two levels of the Listening Station - with service to support you in setting up your station included for $1500; and with set-up service plus programming support included for $3000. For information on bulk pricing, please contact us.


Listening Station + Service

Receive the entire kit: Pre-loaded iPad, stand, armature, light, dual microphones, backdrop, 200GB of cloud storage, and five hours of StoryCenter consulting support for setting up your station.

Price includes ground shipping. Contact for other shipping options.

Add To Cart

If you’re planning to pay online, click Add to Cart. If you would like to order a Listening Station and pay by check or Purchase Order, click Pay by Check / PO.

Listening Station + Service + Program

Receive the entire kit: Pre-loaded iPad, stand, armature, light, dual microphones, 200GB of cloud storage, and support for setting up your station. You will also receive 20 hours of StoryCenter consulting support, access to StoryCenter registration, and release and transcription systems, to help you establish and sustain your own Listening Station program.

Price includes ground shipping. Contact for other shipping options.

Add To Cart

If you’re planning to pay online, click Add to Cart. If you would like to order a Listening Station and pay by check or Purchase Order, click Pay by Check / PO.

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