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As You Said It: Digital Storytelling and the Listening Station

Public Workshops

As You Said It: Digital Storytelling and the Listening Station

Emily Paulos

Not everyone likes the process of writing. Many of us, when we tell our stories directly to someone else, express ideas and feelings in a way that best reflects our true self. But interview-based documentary can be overwhelming as a production process. Can't there be a happy medium? To support the use of interviews for script development, our tried and true Digital Storytelling Workshop has now been re-vamped as part of the evolution of our Listening Station kit and app.

For the first time, we are offering a workshop that allows the "scripts" of narrated digital stories to emerge from an interview process using the Listening Station as the recording tool. Participants will design question sets, interview each other for 15 minutes each, cut the interviews to three to five minutes, and complete a digital story in WeVideo, using existing images and video or material created on the iPad.  

Workshop Details
Level Foundational
Length 3 days
Time 9am - 5pm
Location StoryCenter, 1250 Addison Street, Suite 103, Berkeley, CA 94702
Capacity 10
Tuition $595

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