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Stories Seen

Public Workshops

Stories Seen

Emily Paulos

This workshop puts image and design in the spotlight, focusing on the use of visual communication in digital storytelling. It veers away a bit from our traditional model of digital storytelling, which emphasize a facilitated process, to instead focus on issues of visual narrative, image design, and video — “ways of looking” in relation to media production. For those familiar with StoryCenter's digital storytelling model, this workshop is a chance to re-consider its central premises while further exploring creativity. For digital storytelling novices, this is a great way to share in a new and innovative approach.

This workshop includes

  • Seeing Your Story
  • Understanding Implicit vs. Explicit Images
  • Working With Video vs. Still Photographs
  • Storyboarding: Sequencing and Compositing Images
  • Pacing and Economy of Visuals
  • Panning and Zooming
Workshop Details
Level Intermediate
Prerequisite Introduction to Digital Storytelling Webinar
Length 2 days
Time 9am - 5pm
Location StoryCenter, 1250 Addison Street, Suite 103, Berkeley, CA 94702
Capacity 10
Tuition $395


Anyone who has taken our foundational Digital Storytelling Workshop will appreciate the opportunity to further explore the creative process of storytelling. Whether you are training to facilitate digital storytelling or just excited about discovering the visual range of the genre, this workshop offers a great next step.  

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