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All Together Now: Featured on Upworthy


We are pleased to present posts by StoryCenter staff, storytellers, colleagues from partnering organizations, and thought leaders in Storywork and related fields.

All Together Now: Featured on Upworthy

Root Barrett

Dear Friends–

 Today is Martin Luther King Day. Fifty years ago, the Civil Rights Movement changed laws and minds, securing basic rights for many, through the actions of people who did what they knew to be right.

At the Center for Digital Storytelling, we’ve been running a project called All Together Now, collecting intergenerational stories of civil and human rights from around the country. 

To celebrate Dr. King, and everyone who takes action – big or small – we’re excited to partner with to expand this project into a Saga called “Taking Action.”

Whether you took part in an economic boycott, risked your life to register voters, organized interracial dinner groups in a segregated town, moved to the back of the bus in solidarity, advocated for the rights of immigrant youth, taught kids how to grow vegetables in an urban food desert, or stood up to bullies, we invite you to share your story about taking action for what you know to be right. Or, share a story about a time you wish you had, but didn’t. Or, tell us how the Civil Rights Movement has impacted your life. Or, tell us how your life has been transformed by the actions of others.

Dr. King dreamed about a day when we would recognize each other by “the content of our character,” and storytelling allows us to do this – stories help us find out who we really are.

Please add your story to the saga and spread the word through Facebook and Twitter, tagging your posts with #alltogethernow and @cowbird.

Here's how to add your story to the Saga:

Today is a beautiful day, and we’re excited to see your beautiful stories. 

With a dream,

Joe Lambert, Andrea Spagat, Allison Myers, Arlene Goldbard, Daniel Weinshenker, Stefani Sese, Robert Kershaw, Amy Hill, Eugenia Gardner, Emily Paulos, Zoe Jacobson, Tommy Orange, Mary Ann McNair, Lisa Nelson-Haynes, Holly McClelland, Ryan Trauman, Marie Lovejoy and the Center for Digital Storytelling